Author’s Corner

Every word that is thoughtfully written within a story is inspired by personal experiences and memorable moments. Picture books that epitomize childhood play and fantasized moments. Children’s chapter books and creative non-fiction that stem from a deep understanding of the need to preserve our cultural heritage with the written word; and  adult fiction that is infused with my love of life, music and Europe. Put it all in a jar…shake it up…and you have me; an author.

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A recent reader comment:   “As I wonder through your archives Connie, I find refreshment and quietness. Your site is so restful…like a good cup of coffee.” Maybe this reader enjoyed an uplifting spiritual message post, or stumbled into a travel blog about experiencing culture in far away places. Maybe it was a story about special family times, or all of the above. Connie’s Corner is about sharing passion for life, travel, family, and faith. Pull up a chair, and join me.

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About Me

My life is like a novel, the chapters representing the ups and downs of each day. The plot has a way of changing at times I least expect it, which I find both exhilarating and somewhat frightening. But, there is always another page to turn. For me, I strive to live each day to the fullest; live at peace with those around me; and live a life balanced between my writing career, my family and my personal time. Connie’s Corner is my opportunity to connect through my writing. I hope you’ll join me there.

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