Author’s Corner

Every word that is thoughtfully written within a story is inspired by personal experiences and memorable moments. Picture books that epitomize childhood play and fantasized moments. Children’s chapter books and creative non-fiction that stem from a deep understanding of the need to preserve our cultural heritage with the written word; and  adult fiction that is infused with my love of life, music and Europe. Put it all in a jar…shake it up…and you have me; an author.

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A recent reader comment:   “As I wonder through your archives Connie, I find refreshment and quietness. Your site is so restful…like a good cup of coffee.” Maybe this reader enjoyed an uplifting spiritual message post, or stumbled into a travel blog about experiencing culture in far away places. Maybe it was a story about special family times, or all of the above. Connie’s Corner is about sharing passion for life, travel, family, and faith. Pull up a chair, and join me.

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Faith Ministries

Women desire opportunities to get away, fellowship with friends, and be inspired by meaningful teaching. As the backbone of our families, communities and church, women need to be celebrated! Retreats and conferences are about inspiring and encouraging women with positive messages of hope, love and empowered faith. Connie’s Corner Faith Ministries provides this through insightful messages and personal interaction. Let’s talk. 

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