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Tuesday @ Ten: Grow

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Tuesday @ Ten word of the week is Grow! All around us nature is announcing that Spring is just around the corner. Baby lambs frolic in the fields and daffodils open up their bright yellow trumpets along the walkway. New life. Rebirth. You can almost see nature growing right before your eyes. What about us? As adults, how do we grow? How do we announce new life and rebirth in our life? How do we recognize and acknowledge our growth? Are we still growing? When we were children, we could see our physical growth as our pants got too short and our hair grew too long. We measured our intellectual growth by the passing of grades and milestones at school. From learning our letters to algebra, we could easily see and recognize growth in our life. We recognize the stages...

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Thinking About Kira

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Author’s note:  This short little story was created for the 2014 Plein Air (Columbia Center for the Arts).  The inspiration came from visiting the Bingen Marina which was a very family and special place because of the memories of one very special dog. cn “Are you ready to go, Kira?” I casually asked the honey colored dog dozing on the rug.  Immediately she jumped up, snapped to attention and started doing her “we’re going on a walk” dance. During the summer months our daily routine included taking an early morning walk. “Us” included myself, my husband, and Kira, our three year old German Shepherd / Boxer mix. What a great way to greet the day and clear our minds and spirit before heading off for work. Now she was up, she quickly grew impatient as we were...

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