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Guest Blog for

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A few months ago I responded to a post on Facebook about the anniversary of Executive Order 9066. That response led to a conversation with Valerie at  asking me to write a few guest blogs for their newsletter.  In my previous position as Museum Director at The History Museum of Hood River County, I was heavily involved in bringing awareness to the issue of racial prejudices again Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor and establishing a permanent exhibit in the museum displays.  Here is the link to the first blog. I sincerely hope and pray that in some small way, my sharing will honor those that lived through this difficult time and  help us not forget their story....

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Down A Different Road

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In life, many times we drive down the same roads day after day. We pass the same houses and the same old dog sitting on the porch. The same mailboxes and barns. We become complacent and comfortable with the road. We know the road and we know where it takes us. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see a little road; more of a pathway actually. It intrigues me. It beckons me. What would happen if I turned off my familiar road and took this one instead? Where would it take me? What would I find at the end of that road? This thought repeatedly tantalizes me as I make the ½ hour drive each weekday to take my grandson to school and then back. There is this road; a.k.a dirt pathway. It takes off towards the east and I can see that it disappears into the forest. I yearn...

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