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Tiny Baby Grapes

»Posted by on Jun 23, 2015 in Blog, Heartfelt Treasures | 1 comment

Sitting here on a beautiful summer day under the sprawling grape vine, I am amazed how quickly and vigorously it has grown since we arrived at the new B&B in April. First, it was just tiny little green threads and tendrils immerging through the weathered old wood of the aged trunks. Then as if almost like magic, leaves emerged followed by tiny “baby grapes.” Then the vines stretched and reached out to wrap around anything and everything within its reach, even itself. Now I sit here and ponder, “what kind of grapes these are?” Wine grapes? Concord grapes like my grandmother had on her arbor next to the shed? We discuss what we will do with them depending on which variety emerges. It would be fun to celebrate the “first wine” tradition that we enjoyed in...

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