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Within Four Walls

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Authors Note:  I was honored to participate in a blog writing group focused on  sharing about the lives of Women of the Bible.  Here is my contribution based on the story of Priscilla.  cn   Priscilla leaned back, stretched her arms and neck and then resumed the task of sewing on the tent corner laid across her lap. Push the needle through. Pull the thread up. The prickly black goat fur stabbed her fingers over and over again, but she kept going. She would not stop. She would not give up. The tent must be finished tonight. She pushed the needle back into the thick leather again as she glanced up. Across the room, her husband Aquila and their friend Paul were working on the final section for one of the tent walls. She could hear bits and pieces of their...

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Trip and Fall

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I walked outside this morning, and tripped over fall. I wasn’t expecting it; no-way. Not at all. But there it was, on the ground by my feet. A pretty little leaf, quite golden and sweet. When did this happen? Who left fall there? I’m not done with summer, and times of fun without cares. Swimming, and hiking, and nights under the stars. Trips to the beach with us all in the car. I shook off the feel of the cool morning air, and continued my walk on down the stairs. Around the corner, I came to a halt. I’m not sure what to do, it’s really not my fault. For there it was again. I can’t be mistaken. Leaves on the ground, as if the trees had been shaken. Then as if by cue, the geese flew overhead. The sound of their cries filled me with dread. I knew it was over....

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