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Do You Have a Dream?

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I Have a Dream. Quite possibly the most famous four-word phrase in the history of the 20th Century. I am sure that across America, students are using this phrase as a class writing assignment this week when they study Martin Luther King.  His speech was and is, a significant and powerful part of American history and his words live on today. But, for us personally, what does it mean when we say those words. I have a dream. Dreams are a real event in our life of something that may or may not happen. A dream is like clouds. You can’t control its content. It is there, but you can’t hold it in your hand. You can’t capture it for later. You can’t even snap a picture of your dream. It exists for you and you alone inside your mind, heart and soul. So, what is your dream?...

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Day of Dread

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  I hate this day. Every year it comes around. It’s inevitable. You can’t avoid it. Today is the day, and I hate it. Today, I must take down my Christmas tree and put away the holiday décor. As I sit here on my comfy leather sofa with my morning cup of coffee, the snow glistening white outside, the fire glowing; I know what must be done. Why then, is it so hard? My friends are gleefully posting on Facebook that they are so excited their house is back to normal with all the Santa figures and snow globes boxed up and safely stashed for the rest of the year. But me? I sit in silence dreading the moment that I touch the first ornament and put it away. Which will be first? Where do I start? Maybe it will be the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament from 1985; the year our...

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