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Top Five Tech Travel Items

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Whether you are traveling international or just across the state, here are a few tech items that you must be sure are included in your purse or bag. Phone: Every time I travel I take fewer and fewer items. But the one thing I rely on the most is my phone.  Currently, I carry a Samsung 6, but whatever model or carrier, make sure it has the best possible picture taking capabilities.  On my last trip, I did not even take my little digital camera. I shot everything on my phone camera.  It has great features, resolution and zoom options, as well as that “must have” selfie ability.  I keep my phone switched to airplane mode when I travel to avoid any accidental data charges on my phone plan. I only use it with wifi at night to send my daily picture blog to friends and...

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Anniversary Time!

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January 20th marked the three-year anniversary of Connie’s Corner.  If you’d like to read my very first post as I launched this website, here is the link. Just a little walk down memory lane. In that blog, I introduced myself and shared a little bit about my life and my purpose for having embarked on the whole website / blog journey. So much has changed in my life since then. My kids have both found their life loves and thus I now have three grandchildren and a soon to be daughter-in-law. I am no longer working as a museum director. That change came about a few months after I posted that first-ever blog.  While I miss my job, my friends and the challenges of running a thriving historical non-profit organization, I wake up every morning knowing that leaving was...

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