About Me

Connie Nice

I have enjoyed a life filled with a variety of jobs, tasks, experiences and responsibilities. I have been a radio DJ, a wedding photographer, a music teacher and a museum director…and now a writer, speaker and teacher.  But the job that I love the most is that of wife, mother and grandmother.

I started Connie’s Corner in 2014 at the encouragement of my friends and family since I love to write,  document and share stories. I write about things that inspire me such as travel, family and my faith. My work week  is divided between blog posts, children’s picture books, kids chapter books, and a very near-and-dear to me novel. I take time each morning to reflect and pray which helps me in developing scripture-based lessons and messages that I share at retreats, conferences and special events while also keeping me grounded and focused.

 My personal mission and focus for my life is: 

  •  Experience as much of life as I can each and every day – fully
  •  Always look for ways to reach out and impact others – positively
  •   Live a balanced life (physically, emotionally and spiritually) – continually 
  •   Leave a legacy I can be proud of, and instill in the next generation a love and appreciation of all of the above – hopefully

My hope for this website is to share, encourage, inform and inspire. I also look forward to connecting on a somewhat intimate level with a global community.


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