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Personal Statement

Being an author and a writer is a career of conundrums.  It is both intensely personal and necessarily public. Fantastically fulfilling, while at the same time being terrifying and agonizingly consuming. But, I wouldn’t trade this life of a writer for anything. I have chosen this path for better or worse.  I have carried into my writing career the same organizational and administrative skills that I have nurtured and developed in my previous careers.  I have set milestones and goals, as well as developed a strong sense of what I need to check off my list each day in order to accomplish those goals.  


Currently, I am dividing my writing time between one emotionally charged and challenging adult novel, several children’s books and my blog.  I infuse all my writing with a mixture of myself, blended with those in the circle of my life. Many of my stories draw from my kid’s adventures when they were little. They also connect to my own personal experiences and my passion and love of music and European culture. My personal mission statement as a writer would read:

  • Touch lives with my stories in a positive way
  • Publish my stories and become recognized as a multi-faceted author
  • Preserve my stories as part of my legacy for the next generation


Published Works

Book Cover (444x640)


Images of America: Hood River

published by Arcadia Publishing 2013, Connie Nice







Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That?

  • 132
  • 313
  • 24
  • 38
by Amy Newmark / contributing author, Connie Nice

published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2017

                                                 Hospitality Cat / page 176




Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Wonder of Christmas: 101 Stories about the Joy of the Season

October 16, 2018, by Amy Newmark / contributing author Connie Nice 

Three Christmas Miracles / page 10 








Yes, You Can Have the Recipe: Favorite Recipes from the Husum Riverside Bed & Breakfast

by Connie Nice

August 31, 2018 









Hood River County Museum: Looking Backward, Moving Forward

Oregon Historical Quarterly, Summer 2013,  Connie Nice


Silent Applause of Butterflies 

Columbia Center for the Arts 2014 Plein Air / 2014 Anthology

Cobalt Blue Beads (page 18)

written by Connie Nice

Inspired by The Dalles Mountain Ranch


The Leather Leaves of August 

Columbia Center for the Arts 2015 Plein Air / 2015 Anthology

Left Behind (page 26)

Written by Connie Nice

Inspired by Sakura Ridge Farm and Lodge


Chaos and Miraculous Stars

Columbia Center the Arts 2016 Plein Air / 2016 Anthology

The Treasure Hunt (page 27) 

Written by Connie Nice

Inspired by the Huston Museum




Works in Progress 


Magnum Opus

Musical Rose on the KeysErin Burrows’ journey has always been deeply connected to her passion and love for music. From her small town beginning, to the stages of classical Europe; the people, places, and experiences in her life intertwine and play out as musical movements that lead up to the grand finale. Magnum Opus is an adult romantic novel richly steeped in the world of European culture, classical music, love, disappointments and finding your true self, even when all odds are against you.




What’s This Grandpa? 

First in a series of creative non-fiction children’s books.  Each book will create a multi-generational and/or multi-cultural interaction based on the discovery of a historical Fruit Box Label object. The goal of this series is to instill in kids a deeper understanding of how stories and objects from the past connect with their present and the future.  The first book focuses on a little boy who finds a stack of fruit box labels in the closet. He and his grandpa eventually recycle them into something very special for grandma.



Guardians of the Tower

Nordlingen_054 - Copy (638x640)Inspired by the discovery of a real-life tower cat named Wendlestein in Nordlingen, Germany this past summer, this series of young children’s chapter books follows the lives of generations of tower cats sent from St. Gertrude (patron saint of cats, gardeners and travelers)  to protect precious historical archives, documents and objects from the vermin of the night and unscrupulous people during the day. Wendlestein’s partner in battle is the town mascot…a pig. In the spirit of the Redwall series, Guardians of the Tower is sure to be a hit with both young and old.




Contact Me

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