Anniversary Time!

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January 20th marked the three-year anniversary of Connie’s Corner.  If you’d like to read my very first post as I launched this website, here is the link. Just a little walk down memory lane.

In that blog, I introduced myself and shared a little bit about my life and my purpose for having embarked on the whole website / blog journey.

So much has changed in my life since then.

  • My kids have both found their life loves and thus I now have three grandchildren and a soon to be daughter-in-law.
  • I am no longer working as a museum director. That change came about a few months after I posted that first-ever blog.  While I miss my job, my friends and the challenges of running a thriving historical non-profit organization, I wake up every morning knowing that leaving was the right thing to do, at the perfect time in my life.
  • In 2015 our family purchased a small Bed and Breakfast located in rural Washington along the White Salmon River.  A labor of hospitality and love!

My original thought with my website would be to share personal stories about family, life, travel and faith, with the goal of bringing a spark of hope to those who would join me in Connie’s Corner. That has not changed. I sincerely desire that you, my readers, come to this place for a moment of rest. A comfy chair. A cozy, purring kitty curled up in your lap. A warm, sweet cup of morning coffee. An opportunity to take a deep breath and realize that in the end, despite whatever struggles ensue around us, it will be OK.  I guess that makes me an optimist at heart, and I’m OK with that. We’ll just keep on keeping on; touching the life of one person at a time.

So then, what’s on my goal list for 2017?

  • Be more consistent with posting here in Connie’s Corner. Hopefully you will find new articles here twice a month.
  • Continue my efforts to secure an agent to represent my children’s picture book manuscripts.
  • Complete my second draft edit of my novel, Magnum Opus, and submit for editing.  I’m hoping to have it ready to start pitching to agents and publishers by November of this year.
  • Other writing projects will include blogs for our B&B newsletter, magazine articles (hopefully paid), e-book development and a rough draft of my next full length book.

I do have specific dreams and goals, not only for Connie’s Corner, but for my whole life.  I feel blessed to have such support and encouragement from those around me to continue to pursue those dreams.

I want to close with the same thoughts I shared on January 20th of 2014.  In my corner, there is room for you to pull up a chair and join me….and be whatever we want to be.

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